Saturday 9 May 2015

Food & Make Up

I catered for  a make up class in March so I thought I should share with you what went down.
I love the fact food is necessary in everything but when it works well it's so magical. I was able to also pick some tips on applying make up like a pro.


Chef Oni Battered Plantain Disc with Marinated Prawns
Chef Oni Moules marinière with Garlic tomato sauce and parsley
Pepper-soup Pot
Cucumber, Chicken and Dill Cups

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Friday 1 May 2015

Birthday Celebrations

This year has started a bit rocky and this month was quite challenging. I lost someone very close to me shortly after my birthday hence my silence for a while.

However, I understand that only the living can praise God therefore regardless of how difficult some things are for me to understand or how sad I might feel, I have decided to still be thankful. I am thankful for life, what God is doing through me, good health and all the little things we all take for granted.
So to another year God has granted me.  Tuale Master Jesus!!!

My birthday is always a big bang but for  a change I wanted something calmer this year (still was a 3 day celebration). I had a birthday dinner at one of my favourite restaurant Hakassan. Hakassan is like a family home since I am always there, funny I have not done a review. Hmmmm!
Went with the Hubz and couple friends. One of the highlight of my day has to be my CAKE, CAKE, CAKE!!!!
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