Friday 26 February 2016

Mixed Peppersoup

Peppersoup is one of my favourite dishes to cook, its quick, light and simple. Whether it's meat or seafood your taste buds will be buzzing with an outburst of flavours.

I decided to use a different peppersoup spice by Naija Infusion and I must say it is second to none. In as much as I wanted to take credit for it all, I must say the spices added that special touch. 

Although this is not a sponsored post but I can't help but recommend the rest of their products. Naija Infusion also have other spices like Jollof Seasoning and Suya Spice. The suya spice is one of those spices you can season with anything; fish, meat, noodles, eggs literally anything. I have not tried the Jollof seasoning but with the two spices I have tried I have no doubt it will be as brilliant as the others. 


1 seasoning cube 
Naija Infusion Pepppersoup Spice 
1 tbsp of All purpose seasoning 
2 tbsp Vegetable Oil 
Lamb Shoulder 

Clean the lamb and season it with the All purpose seasoning. 


Cut the langoustine in two and clean by making sure you remove the vein 


In a medium size pot add 2 tbsp of vegetable oil, add the lamb and let it fry 3 - 5 minutes until it's caramelised. 


Add water to your desired level roughly couple inches above the lamb, stir and boil for 10 minutes. 

Add langoustine, prawns, stock cube and Naija infusion peppersoup spice to taste. 


After 5 minutes chop a handful of kale add it at the end and switch off the heat. 

Enjoy the masterpiece. 


Below is what I did with the Suya Spice.... 


You can get the spices on Instagram: Awesomedishes.














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