Thursday 25 September 2014

Spicy Prawn Omelette and Bagels

Following the previous post about raw prawns, this post is what I did with some of them. Just like noodles I play with eggs too. I sometimes throw in fish, meat, or vegetables depending on what's available. 

This is my breakfast option when I am having a lazy day as it fills me up till mid-afternoon (meaning I am staying horizontal for a long time lol!) nevertheless it makes a perfect brunch when you have skipped breakfast. 

Raw Prawns 
6 eggs 
2 tomatoes 
1 scotch bonnet 
1/2 an onion 
1 cooking spoon of vegetable oil 
Pinch of thyme 
1 seasoning cube 
Pinch of salt 

Slice the tomatoes, onions and scotch bonnet.

Pan fry the prawns till it starts changing colour.

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Wednesday 24 September 2014

How to Cook Raw Prawns

I always find it hard to find big prawns and most supermarket that sell them always have roughly 20 - 25  in a pack which is not enough when you are cooking for a lot of people. 

Most people tend to walk pass raw prawns because of the stress, the way it looks or simply they are not sure how to cook it.  Whatever the reason I hope this post makes you pick it up once in a while as they are fresh, saves you money and they are actually King size. (Like the one you get in a Chinese restaurant. *wink wink*)

Pull the head off 

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Tuesday 23 September 2014

Carp Fish and Plantain

Carp is common in China and also the traditional Christmas meal in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. Its a freshwater fish with clean taste. You can only find them in clean water, they don't eat other fish and they are rich in protein. 

The down-side to Carp is the scales and the bones; the bigger the fish, the bigger the bones and the scales are large compared to most fish so its probably better to fillet the fish removing the skin. The Hubz said it tasted like tissue paper (a bit dramatic me thinks but he finished it lol) however it absorbed the flavour of the sauce really well. The skin has its own taste which added flavour 


Spring Onion 
3 Scotch bonnet
Lemon Juice 
1 seasoning cube 
Olive oil. 

Clean the fish by bringing out all the guts, cutting the fin and descaling.

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A Trip To Billingsgate Market

Went to Billingsgate market over the weekend to buy fish for a client and decided to buy some for the house.
I have always seen Billingsgate market but the thought of waking up that early to buy fish always felt impossible. 
The Hubz wanted something different from the norm and decided to get Carp. Will post the recipe and preparation in the next post.

There were so many seafood and different types of fish available but an interesting fact is they have a training school which offers fish cookery and preparation courses.
As you walk, you can't help but get a big welcome from the smell of the market, fish mongers shouting across each other trying to sell all their stock. There was so much to see and little time but I managed to take some pics.  

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Saturday 20 September 2014


I went to Rome for a mini break and I must say its such a beautiful place to be but very dangerous. I almost died twice. (Ok that's my exaggeration done for the post) Seriously driving in Rome is like being in a war zone. I mean why have zebra crossing and the driver beeps for you to get off because they can’t be bothered to wait. Why say it’s a one way and then on the far side cars can come into the road. (

Except from that Rome is a lovely place to be. I went on a segway tour which was brilliant because walking in that sun would have drained me out. 

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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Roasted Turkey Drumstick (Caveman Pops)

I went to get something else in the shop then I came across this juicy creature and I thought who said it has to be Christmas before you can eat turkey?
I look at this bad boy and I think chicken legs just slightly huge right? Ok massive but let's do this. 


Turkey Drumstick
2tbsp Olive Oil 
2tbsp of Rosemary 
2tbsp of Garlic 
1tbsp of Paprika
1knorr or maggi cube 
1 Carrots 
Fresh salad (for serving) 

Wash the turkey drumstick, add olive oil, rosemary, garlic, paprika and stock cube.
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Friday 12 September 2014

Private Dinner with Chef Oni

It is finally here guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reservation link to the private dinner is below:

I am so so excited. So much hard work as gone into planning this and to see it start manifesting is beyond amazing.

So come and dine with me in an exclusive location, breathtaking atmosphere and an efficient service. (I promise it won't be like most Nigerian restaurant I rant about! Lol!)

So here is how it works:

Reservation Only Experience
Guest will be served exquisite prix-fixe 3 course meal.
Cuisine from different parts of the world with an emphasis of Africa
Reservation Link will be closed after the 36th booking.
Guest will have 24 hours to make payment of £40.00 after reservations
Birthday and other celebration booking are accepted.
This is on a first come first serve basis!!!
Guest will be provided with location on the morning of the dinner.

Look forward to meeting some of you.


Thursday 11 September 2014

Crunchy Strawberry & Chocolate Kokoro

Kokoro is a type of snack in Nigeria made from cornmeal. I am really excited about this recipe because it tastes so good. As some of you may know I am having a private dinner in a secret location in London for 36 people on a first come first serve basis. The link will be up on the blog tomorrow (Friday12th of September) so make sure you check it out and book :-).....

Whilst creating different dishes for the private dinner, kokoro came to mind and as usual I had to look for a way to own it. My gosh does it taste delicious.
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Monday 8 September 2014


A lady once told me the woman that created the dish is the reason why they named it aya-mase.  How true that is I don't know but one thing I know is its definitely a unique dish. It's a spicy stew made with green bell peppers and scotch bonnet however we are not chilli lovers so the maximum I use is 3 scotch bonnet when cooking for the house. The Hubz calls this Oni-Mase. Lol!

Aya-mase is mostly served with ofada rice which is produced in Nigeria. It is different from long grain, it has its own taste and aroma but definitely compliments the uniqueness of ayamase. I have used long grain rice as this is what I had when I was cooking.


10 Green Bell Peppers
3 - 7 Scotch Bonnet (depending on preference)
Palm oil
Meat (Beef, Ox stripe, cow leg, smoked turkey, cow lungs)
Locust Beans
3 Knorr maggi

Boil the meat, cut in small pieces, fry and place aside.

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Thursday 4 September 2014

Steamed Sweet Potatoes and Boiled Plantain

There are over 400 types of sweet potatoes with different colours inside and outside of the potatoes.

I am using white and orange sweet potatoes. I love the white sweet potatoes because it's sweeter than the orange and the orange sweet potatoes helps produce more vitamin A in the body than the white so it gives a good balance.

Sweet potatoes can be cooked in several ways. It can be fried, baked, steamed, grilled and boiled. 
Sweet potato absorbs water easily so steaming is always a better option than boiling in my opinion. 

Sweet potatoes

Peel the potatoes

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Rice & Beans

When I am tired of plain and I have made Jollof and Fried rice, the next thing I think of is Rice and Beans. Not sure why it doesn't come to mind a lot but whenever its made the love of rice refreshes in my mind. hahaha.


Brown or red beans
1tsp onion powder
Pinch of salt

Add water to the beans and rinse to remove all the dirt.

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